"I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven." ~ Stephen King

nate mathai photography

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Since 2015, 15% of all sessions gets donated to help those in need, aligning with organizations that make an impact both locally in Chicago and across the world. To learn more about the organizations we support, see Set Beautiful Free, One Day's Wages, My Block, My Hood, My City and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Nate Mathai is a creative, who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. He is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and is highly regarded for his ability to tell stories throughout his work. Nate takes on a limited amount of sessions per year to provide the highest level of service to his couples.

Nate is married to his beautiful wife, Nithya, and they have two wonderful children, Eden and Asher.

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    Just want to say we LOVE the photos. while I was worrying about my hair, you were creating amazingly stunning photos. Thank you so much! Thanks so much for your great professionalism and artistic eye. What a fantastic way to commemorate our time in Chicago. Can't thank you enough.

    Jenn + Raman
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    THANK YOU again for such wonderful pictures!! Dig and I absolutely love them. We are going to blow one of them up for the house (can't WAIT to pick it) and the others will be plastered over all of our electronic devices :)

    Ekta + Dig
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    Hey bro! Thanks for the pics!!! They look great...both Nima and I are dead exhausted today! You sent us the pics at midnight, and we stayed up till 2 looking at them!! Obviously, the smart thing would have been to put it off till after work today but that's like taking a kid to a toy store and telling him to wait a day before he can look at the toys...

    Robin + Nima
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    Nate is an amazing photographer. If you are looking for a photographer to just take pictures, then he's not your guy. But if you want him to capture the moment, then he is absolutely your guy. From our engagement shoot, to the actual wedding day, he did a great job from start to finish. Would recommend him to anyone!

    Abe + Renaye

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