Merry Christmas!

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…tap…tap…tap… Is this thing still on? Can you guys hear me?

While the details of our 2020 experiences have varied greatly among us, I’m sure we’ve all grown so much over the past year (even if we’re not able to figure out exactly how yet).

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2020 has been a wild one, to put it gently. One thing that I was constantly reminded of, though, is that life is not meant to be a straight and steady line from point A to point B.

This year I’ve had moments of laughter during times of grief. There were periods of confusion and questioning, that were grounded by anchors of hopefulness. In the midst of storms I experienced peace that went beyond all understanding. And as I wrap up 2020, I can once again say this for certain: This world is filled with both brokenness and countless blessings, I have hope in what is yet to come, and God has been good through it all.

My desire for the year ahead is simple – that we all will feel the pursuit of Christ more than we ever have before.

Merry Christmas to all, and may your New Year be bright!