So for the month of March, I started a little ‘photo challenge’ to get people more active in taking pictures and being more creative and purposeful with their shots. The first challenge was to photograph “yellow”, and I had quite a few submissions on it. A handful of responses were brought in my Rincey, Leena T, Briana, Reny, and Maya. As I stated before, I’m in the process of building a separate site just for the challenge to make it more accessible, easier to submit, and have the ability to view all the images, but that might only be up and running by the fall. For now, here’s a few choice images.

First, I must declare this one as my favorite, submitted by Rincey (with help from Biji):

(for those who can’t read it, it says “Nate, pick me as the winner of the photo challenge. I’ll hire you as the photographer at my wedding. Nate, even though I go to Marquette…U of I for life.“…and we’ll disregard the last line. Now that’s creative!)

And here are a couple more of the images I liked.

*this would probably finish a close second…





After doing this first one, it got me wanting to do a few posts teaching about photography…some rules, tidbits of knowledge, etc. Be on the lookout for those to come…’m trying to think of the most efficient way to write it as right now it’s just a mess of disorganized inspiration :) .

I’ll get the challenge for April posted tomorrow (and I’m already getting excited for the ones after that…it’ll force you guys to REALLY get creative!). OK, open your eyes and keep shooting!