I’m finally getting ‘above the weather’ (not sure what got into me), so I got a chance to go through some of my images from the weekend. On Saturday morning, Sunil and Theresa had an engagement ceremony at Florian Banquets (formally Crown Jewel).

Being invited as a friend/family, I was able to sit back and relax while my friend Kenny Nakai did his thing. Here’s a few of him sporting the D3 (I forgive him) and doing this so-called ‘thing’:

With no official photographic responsibility, I just brought one lens and took a few images at will…which somehow always leads to me taking images of children, as they always find a way to distract themselves with more entertaining things that what their current scenario is giving them.

At the table next to me, I was seated by the beautiful Elisha, who seemed very prepared for a photoshoot. Before I even pulled out my camera, she went by a pillar and started posing! So I grabbed my camera and took a few frames of her. Afterwards, she came and checked out the images on the back of my camera, and I’m assuming she wasn’t too impressed because she went back to pillar for more poses! Hopefully she approves of these :)

Probably tomorrow night (or possibly Thursday) I’ll post a handful of images from the recent “yellow” challenge as well theme for April’s challenge. Get your cameras ready!