This is quite a bit overdue, but here are a handful of images from those participating in April’s photo challenge with the theme of “symmetry”. I thought this would be a bit more difficult than the first, but you guys were able to pull together some quality shots here. To start, my favorite has to go to Taffy out in Philly…I’m a sucker for ring shots…

…side note: reflection shots of tables etc. can be very difficult to set correctly. It all begins with good light (as is with all aspects of photography)…

The rest of these submissions were brought in by Marily (photo credit to Yliram), Leena T and Briana.


[Leena T]


Remember, May’s challenge has already been posted, and I think it’s SO FUN! Get all your friends involved to do some exciting stuff. The theme is music/movie titles, so get creative, set things up, and start shooting! Image you are creating a CD/DVD cover…what would it look like? I’m so excited!