• [Photo Challenge] If you missed the announcement last weekend, the new photo challenge is up, and it’s the most fun to date (at least to me)! I’ll get last month’s submissions up shortly for ‘symmetry’.
  • [Dawn and Richard] On Saturday, I second shot with Kenny Nakai for the wedding of Dawn and Richard, with the reception held at the Sofitel Hotel in downtown Chicago. Let me tell you, everything was GORGEOUS! Dawn had consistency from her bouquets to the centerpieces (and everything in between). Here’s another teaser as I go through the images:

  • Dawn and Richard's Wedding at the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago, IL

    Dawn and Richard's Wedding at the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago, IL

    Dawn and Richard's Wedding at the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago, IL

  • [Nieces] Madelyn is now almost 7 weeks old, so the parents decided to do a little photoshoot of the sisters. (For reference, I think the best time to do newborn pics are around the 12 week mark, when the baby is able to hold their head up steadily for the most part) People say they look like me…what do you think?

  • Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Photoshoot

  • [Another Niece] My family just keeps growing (a bit premature)! Last Thursday my girlfriend’s sister had their second child, and I was finally able to get a glimpse of baby Seylah. Obviously I can’t see a baby without taking a few snaps. I love when baby’s yawn:

  • Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Photoshoot

  • [UPS] You know, I don’t understand why they make their deliveries during normal business hours..especially if they require a signature. I’ve missed my 70-200 because of this…sadness. I need to start sending shipments to my work address.
  • [Interviews] Lately I’ve been reading about a lot of photographers being interviewed and such…so I just wanted throw my name in the hat as well! A friend of mine did an interview about my for a paper. It was actually very insightful for me and I recommend everyone to do it consistently even for your own benefit. It made me reflect on my foundational passion for photography and purpose behind it all. It’s good to do this for whatever you are doing consistently as it will keep you more focused and grounded. Oh, and she got an A on the paper! I love knowing my life is worth an A. :)
  • [Cubbies] It’s been a tough streak so far, dropping 8 of the last 11. But that’s why it’s a 162-game season…much more to go and we’re still in 2nd in the division. Keep hope alive!
  • [Busy Week] Just a heads up…you probably won’t hear much from me this week as I’ve got a bunch of meetings and such throughout. Hope you don’t miss me to much!

[05.05.08] Monday Night Recap

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