I believe you guys care more about what the next challenge is than what the submissions were, so I think I’ll get into the habit of posting the next challenge earlier, and then the previous month’s submissions. Sound good? Here we go for May:

THEME: Movie/Song Titles

Switchfoot – The Shadow Proves The Sunshine

This is where you guys get creative! The basic premise of this challenge is to think of a song or movie title, and capture an image that best represents that. When you submit your image, please provide the name of the movie or song and the artist as well (as that’s the most important part!).

Simple rules again (I feel like I keep getting more relaxed with this):
– E-mail your submission to [email protected], with “May Photo Challenge” in the subject line
– Provide a link to your blog/website so I can link back to it
– Image should be a maximum of 500 pixels on the longest side
– Unlimited submissions per person

I’ll hopefully get last month submissions up by Sunday (Monday at the latest). The weather is starting to get better here in Chicago (and I’m sure everywhere else), so no excuses! Get out there and start shooting!