I know I said I probably wouldn’t blog again this week, but I just need to get this announcement out. I’m an uncle again! On Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 12:02pm, my sister gave birth to her second daughter, Madelyn Joy. A little bit after I started work I got a phone call saying they were at the hospital, but my sister was walking around and such so no real hurry (I thought). A few hours later, I get a call saying I have another niece! I mean, seriously?! Who said this pregnancy thing was tough? [Totally kidding…]
Well, just wanted to post a few pics of the newest one to whet your palette. I’m excited to have a new model…you’ll be seeing plenty of pictures of her in the near future!

bonus notes:
– About a week and a half left in the photo challenge! Get your images in to challenge@nmathaiphotography.com.

– Last time to create your NCAA brackets is noon on Thursday, so go to ESPN, fill out a bracket, and join the nmathai photography group! HURRY!

Happy (early) Easter everyone!

Hello Madelyn!

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