• [Illinois] After a disappointing season, I was thoroughly impressed that they made to the Big 10 Finals. I mean, they were a 10 seed going in expected to lose the first game, and came one game short of an NCAA Tourney birth. Rough season, but well played at the end (minus the last game…a little disappointed).
  • [Tourney Time] It’s finally here! So, I really haven’t followed college ball this season at all, but I’m still excited for the tourney. Brackets are out so start building yours! I’ve created a public group on ESPN so make a bracket and join up. It doesn’t matter what you know of the game – I used to watch the games religiously in college and still couldn’t be in the top 50% of any tournament. Hurry, brackets get locked on Thursday, March 20th!
  • [Girlfriend] She’s Back! She’s on her spring break now, and it’s rough that it’s during Passion Week as my evenings are busier and I still work days (I wish we got a spring break), but we were able to hang out Saturday evening. We watched this movie called Margot at the Wedding (her choice) starring Nicole Kidman…I was lost the whole time. I really don’t think there was much of a plot or character development…it did take up quite a bit of time. I think I actually fell asleep a bit too. Ah well, better luck next time.
  • [Vantage Point] Yesterday we celebrated my brother-in-law’s brother’s 30th birthday. My goodness have we all grown up. After dinner with the family, a couple of us went out and watched Vantage Point with Dennis Quaid and Forest Whitaker. I’m not going to ruin it for you guys, but it’s an interesting concept but could have been written a lot better. A lot of details could have been added to make it a top movie…for now, it’s just ‘decent’. But definitely better than that Margot movie…definitely.
  • [Passion Week] A bit late as yesterday was Palm Sunday, but we are now in Passion Week, remembering the week up through Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross followed by His resurrection. I’ll be busy most nights with church stuff so I probably won’t be able to blog much. In any case, wanted to get this resource out to you all – it’s a collection of bible passages that account Jesus’ last week. It’ll be a good way to reflect during this week.

[03.17.08] Monday Night Recap

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