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March Photo Challenge: Yellow

This post is long overdue, but I’ve finished my second book in my race of 1 book a month for 2008, “UnChristian”. Like I stated in an earlier post, I’ve already started my next book which is “Never Eat Alone.” For now, a recap:

I was pretty excited/interested getting into this book. The premise of it is seeing how a new generation view “Christians” and the Christian faith. As a whole, its a very interesting topic, with a lot of research put behind it. A lot more research than I expected. Much of the book was stating the results of different surveys that were given, from how people view different issues pertaining to Christianity. Although it was more stats than I would have liked, there were some interesting points brought up:

  • Christians seem to be too concerned with a “Get Saved” mentality, trying to convert the world and not really caring for the individual. (What happens after they ‘get saved’?
  • Those outside of the faith have a smaller community of friends who do not follow the same belief. (If they are called to reach the unreached, why aren’t they interacting with them regularly?)
  • There’s a perception that Christians do not live in ‘reality’…they don’t understand what’s going on the world, how society is run, and the likes. (It’s not as perfect as they make it seem).

Now, I don’t agree with every conclusion that was brought on through the research, but there are a great amount of points that need reflecting on.

Apart from Christianity, this is an important concept for people to think about. How do those around you perceive you, your community, your business? Where is the truth behind the statements? How can you change the perceptions that you are giving off so people get a true look at who you (your community | your business) really is?

And as a fun addition, here are a few images on my walk home from work today, with some fun processing. With the weather getting better, I’m excited to finally have more opportunities to get the outdoor shots that aren’t just snow!