• [Easter] Quite possibly my favorite holiday. It really refocuses me, and helps me put everything in perspective. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!
  • [NCAA Tourney] And this is quite possibly the least productive weekend for me all year. This first weekend is the most exciting, tracking teams that I’ve never watched before. And like always, I have a few teams that lead most of the game, blow the second half, and totally mess up my brackets (thank you Georgia, Clemson). I’m still fighting strong, though, but hanging out a thread.
  • [NCAA Tourney #2] I’ve made 6 different brackets, and am in 4 different pools (4 on ESPN, 1 on Facebook, 1 on Yahoo Sports). The hard thing is it takes so much effort to figure out who to cheer for! I might have one team winning in one pool but losing in another. Then I waste so much time figuring out which one is most worthwhile to win so I can win a pool…and then I need to think about which pool I have the best chance of winning, and so forth and so on. It’s tough! I need to figure out a better way to do this next year so it’s not so mind boggling.
  • [Dance Crew] It happened. Jabba Wockees and Kaba Modern split the Asian vote, which kept Status Quo safe last week. Which meant Jabba and Kaba went head-to-head, causing Kaba to go home. It’s very sad- they should have both been in the finals this week. Ah well, now it’s up to Jabba to take care of the high-flying antics of Status Quo.
  • [Photo Challenge] Just a reminder that there’s less than week to get your submissions in for the March Photo Challenge (Yellow). Keep shooting and get them in fast!
  • [Perception] Check out this video:

    Did it work? It gets me thinking on so many levels…Leave a comment whether “it worked on you” or not. I’d love to get some stats on this thing.
  • [Spring Break] Only in Chicago is there a ‘snow storm’ during Spring Break. Luckily (or unluckily, I guess), the corporate world doesn’t have spring breaks, so it didn’t really hurt me too much. Still sad though. But high schoolers have this week off, which should be nicer for them. Congrats!
  • [Madelyn] Might as well throw some pictures in this post, huh? Enjoy!

Her eyes are HUGE!

Big sister Alexis will obviously still get her picture too…

Madelyn with daddy…

She started getting a little camera shy, I think…that can’t be a good sign :)

Big sister is doing a good job helping take care of Madelyn as well…

And that’s the end of that photoshoot! Let me know if you get sick of these (not that I’ll stop, but it’s still nice to get some feedback :) ).