Ego-Check (Pt.1)

[2 min read]

Like I stated yesterday, I’ve started my “1 book a month” thing with the book “Egonomics.” I won’t give updates all the time but more of a recap at the end of each book, but for this one, I really wanted to get this info out there.
The premise of the book is learning how ‘ego’ can be both your greatest liability as well as your biggest asset. And the idea is to learn how to control the ego in such a way to use as your asset and avoid the liability. This is very important in any sort of leadership, or even relationship in general. The more your recognize of the limiting factors of reaching your potential (and allowing others to reach their’s) the better you can fight it and work for the greater good of all.

This ‘ego-check’ post is about identifying your assets/liabilities. Part 1 will be determining what we consider our greatest assets, which will in turn help us figure out how ego plays a role in our lives. By recognizing what it is, it’s obviously easier to know how to combat it. So to start, here is a list of 27 characteristics. Pick 3-5 of these that you consider to be your strongest assets.

  1. assertive
  2. analytical
  3. flexible
  4. charismatic
  5. committed
  6. decisive
  7. dedicated
  8. directive
  9. passionate
  10. dependable
  11. optimistic
  12. open-minded
  13. discerning
  14. loyal
  15. trusting
  16. strong-willed
  17. pragmatic
  18. self-confident
  19. straightforward
  20. alert
  21. diplomatic
  22. determined
  23. courageous
  24. innovative
  25. disciplined
  26. smart
  27. independent

These are your top5 strengths. This is how you ‘sell’ yourself. For a company, organization, relationship- this is what you bring to the table. Learn to use these to the fullest potential. A great leadership body would be able to have various people covering all these characteristics, therefore balancing the strengths.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the flip side to this. This was the eye-opening aspect for me.

Oh, and in an attempt to be humble, I’ll show you my 5: Analytical, Discerning, Disciplined, Smart, Independent. (It might not seem like it from these 5, but I’m really fun and exciting! I promise! :) ) The humility will come in my post tomorrow…right now it just seems like I’m praising myself.