A new year, and the first MNR for me…

  • [Regionals] Like I stated before, it was truly amazing. I forgot my battery charger (doh!) so I limited my photos, but you can see the full gallery here. Again, there were many lessons learned, but one thing that reverberated day in and day out: we are forgetful people. We need to be constantly reminded…hence the reason for disciplines.
  • [Patroits] What did I miss? The Pats finished an undefeated season. I tip my hat to them. Not much more to say.
  • [Bears] I mean, seriously? Kyle Orton finishes the season 2-1! The defense loves to play when he’s in the game, for some reason. And Hester had another pro bowl game. Here’s to next season- Devin’s breaking the return record if people keep kicking to him. I guarantee it.
  • [RoseBowl] Ummmm…let’s not talk about it.
  • [Lost&Found] So, over the past 3 months, I’ve seem to have lost a few articles of clothing…and I have no idea how. If you find them, please let me know. Missing: Aeropostale Jeans, Winter hats (all 3: black/red, white/green, gray/orange). I mean, seriously? Who stole them?!
  • [28in2008] At the end of last year, I decided to set some goals in 2008. Looking over it, I realized one thing- I’m not really good at goal setting. But, I’m starting to make some progress. I didn’t realize how many blog hits I’d get, but I’m on pace to hit the 2000 mark by the end of February, so we’ll say its 2000 in the year. I did, however, start my book reading/purchasing, and the first two I bought were “Egonomics” and “unChristian“, and I’m starting with Egonomics for January. The first chapter in and of itself is so eye-opening…keep an eye out for a 2-part self-evaluation post from there.
  • [Gladiators] I posted earlier about the return of American Gladiators, and it CAME! I caught half of the season premiere yesterday, as well as watching it right now. It’ll be shown Monday nights at 8/7 central on NBC, so be sure to re-live your childhood and check it out.
  • [Fact] 1 in 1 people die in their lifetime. Crazy statistic, huh? Are you prepared?