Jaden’s 2nd Birthday

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Same day post…woo hoo!

My soon-to-be official nephew has been celebrating his 2nd birthday for about a month now. Due to Christmas, he seems to have been receiving gifts every other day, and is starting to get used to it. But I think today will be his last party for awhile.
He’s in love with fire trucks, so his parents threw him and his friends a “Fire Truck Party”! Have I told you how much I love shooting children?! With around 10 kids under the age of 3, it was a rather busy house, but entertaining (and tiring) nonetheless. There was a general play time, craft time, lunch time, cake time, and nap time (I wish I had that). It was fun hanging out with the parents (many of whom I grew up with) and capture the realism of children. I love this.
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