DWF Bowling

[2 min read]

As promised, here are all the pics from bowling with the Chicagoland photographers from the Digital Wedding Forum at Lucky Strikes Lanes last night. Let me tell you, it’s very difficult to take photographs in a dark place like a bowling alley…but that didn’t stop us! Here’s the best I could do. I’ll give a shout-out to the photogs soon enough…for now it’s late, so NOW.
The biggest shout-out goes to the creator of it all, Jason Kaczorowski. There were two trophy winners with the highest score going to Cindy Fandl, and the lowest score to Yola (though she did strike in the 10th). Honorable mentions to everyone else! We had quite a showing with Kenny Nakai, Mr Stacey, Andy Schneider, Christian Muntean, Jay Crihfield, John Patrick, Emily DeWan, Bradley Floden, John Burdick and Jeff Lee. We also had a few fans who didn’t bowl: Vida Perez, Roger Beck, Russ Lowe, Abigail Harenberg and
Melissa Downham. It was great meeting all of you guys (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!).

Here are just the pics for now(pardon the grain, these were shot at 3200):