First Snow…

[2 min read]

Well, maybe not the first snow of the winter, but the first time I pulled my camera out. Last night the snow was coming down gradually, but consistently…and it took me about one hour to get from the train station to my house (normally about a 15 minute drive). So we pulled out the snowblower and cleared off the driveway. This morning I arose to find the snow had kept falling…I love the look, but hate the travel in it. Luckily I parked in the garage so I didn’t have to clean off my car. But I left for work, I pulled the camera to get a few quick shots…it’s been awhile, right?

And as you can see, I got a bunch of trees for my Project100. I can’t wait until spring…trees are beautiful then! Oh, and keep an eye out…I’m planning on another type of personal project aside from the Project100’s…and they’ll be quicker to finish so I’ll be able to post them more often.

Super Bowl Sunday coming up…My mind says Patriots, but my heart says not the Patriots (but I don’t really care for the Giants at all…meaning another Super Bowl to simply watch the commercials). Stay warm!