Got home kinda late, but still getting the MNR up…look how dedicated I am!

  • [SuperBowl] I’ll repeat what everyone else said: Boring 3 and a half quarters, and then an amazing finish! I did call it though. I said the 4th quarter would be amazing, I said Brady and the Patriots score too quickly, I said Manning was Grossman with better luck (he lofted quite a few at the end), and I called the last drive completely being Brady to Moss. I like the sound of 18-1…though I’m not a fan of of the Giants at all. Fun time watching though.
  • [SuperAds] I wasn’t too impressed with any of the superbowl ads this year. I guess I was just expecting more. But this one I thought was greatly written and executed. It’s the one from Matt Hasselback…hilarious, in my eyes.
  • [Lent] I barely eat enough as it is (and I get in trouble all the time for it), so sacrificing food doesn’t do much for me. But what I’m trying to do is sacrifice a bit of sleep. Hopefully this will become a habit…I’m waking trying to wake up between 6 and 6:30 everyday so I won’t be as rushed in the mornings, and do my quiet times at home instead of on the train. Wish me luck!
  • [PottyTraining] Alexis was over this weekend, and she’s in the process of being potty trained…and is doing a great job (or so I’m told). It’s entertaining, because when she has to go, she stops what she’s doing and runs to the bathroom and says, ‘I’ve go that feeling.’
  • [Fog] It’s crazy…I could barely see anything driving tonight. I practically got lost going to Lucky Strikes for bowling.
  • [LuckyStrike] A bunch of photographers from the Chicgoland area got together tonight and went bowling at the Lucky Strike Lanes out in Lombard. It was some fun times. Mad props (yes, Mad ones..I don’t give those out all the time) go out to Jason Kazcorowski for setting this all up. You haven’t really bowled until you’ve walked towards the lane with 5 cameras pointed at you, and 3 flashes when you’re releasing the ball! People must have thought we were crazy. Sadly, I bowled one of the worst games in my life (64), and we only bowled one game. So I definitely will find some time next weekend to bowl…I don’t care if it’s by myself. I’m going to prove that I still have my 150 average…I promise! I’ll post more pics tomorrow, but here’s a glimpse:

And quite possibly my favorite shot: