Late Night Monopoly

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March Photo Challenge: Yellow
To keep you seeing yellow:

I saw this car just sitting outside my house on my way out last night. Right underneath a streetlight, which was the only real light shining on it. Jumped out, got a quick grab without any flash, and a bit of a boost with the raw file. It was literally ‘glowing’ when I came out of my house…
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Last night a few of my friends go together to hang out, and decided (after watching the Bulls get rocked by the Celtics and a few youTube Dance Crew videos) to play a rousing game of Monopoly. To speed things up, we randomly game each player 2 property cards, and went on from there. And although I started strong, I was the first out (sad!). I had two monopolies, but didn’t have the money to really build, and then got screwed with one guy having 3 houses on Greens while another friend having a couple on Boarwalk (and I landed on both back to back). Although I didn’t last long, we played until around 1:30am, with one trade of property pretty much deciding the game. Congrats to Aby for pulling out the victory (sorry Jerry…better luck next time). It’s been awhile since I played (I think since college?)…I wish I did this more often! Here’s the ‘glimpse’: