March Photo Challenge: Yellow

  • [Bulls] It was a rough weekend…we got rocked Friday night by Boston, and then got our first loss to Detroit this season yesterday…geez. Even still, we’re still fighting for a playoff spot…I love the Eastern Conference!
  • [Bears] We re-signed Briggs and Rex. We lost Moose, we lost Berrian, we lost Ayanbadejo, got rid of Griese. We picked up Marty Booker…again. Lord help us.
  • [Daylight Savings] To make up for ‘losing’ an hour on Sunday, I took like a 3 hour nap. Still haven’t been able to sleep in until 11am once this year yet, but an extended nap is always nice.
  • [Facebook Notes] Seems facebook is really delayed in importing my blog posts…I posted Saturday afternoon and it still has uploaded that one yet. So remember, if you want to get my posts as it happens, subscribe to the feed with Google Reader!
  • [Dance Crew] Yep…still impressed. They did a throwback special to Michael Jackson, and as Shane Sparks would say, they “killed it…murdered it.” The way I see it, Status Quo will be out next, then BreakSkate…then Kaba Modern meaning Jabba will take it all! You can quote me on this.
  • [NCAA Tourney] I haven’t followed college basketball at all this year, and it’s on pretty much every channel now as they tourney is right around the corner. Not following it, though, just might give me the best chance as ever before because I always over-analyze everything. Is anyone doing a pool? Let me know…
  • [Uncle Soon] It’s only a matter a time, but I will soon have my second niece! In a few weeks, get ready for many pictures of the new little one.