• [Photo Challenge] For those who haven’t done it yet, I’ll give a bit more time to get your submissions in from last month’s challenge (self-portrait).  I’ve just posted the November challenge, and here’s the image to get your thinking:
  • [Fantasy Basketball] In the middle of last week I realized I joined a fantasy basketball league with some kids from my alma mater, and I finished the first week with a 6-4.  I also realized why I don’t do fantasy basketball or baseball anymore – it requires way too much time!  Unlike football where it’s a once a week thing, these sports have games pretty much everyday.  It’s still fun, but I realized I don’t have time like I used to to keep up with it…but we’ll see how it goes!
  • [World Series] Yeah, I didn’t care that much either.  But for those who do care enough but didn’t hear anything…the Phillies won.  Woo.
  • [Chicago Sports] The Bears have the best record in the NFC.  Do we think they’re Superbowl winners?  Nope.  The Bulls have started out pretty strong.  Are we expecting them to go deep in the playoffs?  Not Really.  Why?  In recent years, Chicago teams have now been consistently good during the regular season (see: Cubs 2007-2008, White Sox 2005-2008, Bears 2003-2007…) yet haven’t been able to finish.  So I guess we’re a bit spoiled with consistency and now need  big finish.  So which team will do it first?
  • [Bears] We pulled out the win, yet it was really sad.  Detroit hasn’t won a game all season, yet were up 23-13 in the 3rd.  Adding insult to injury:  Orton is hurt, Mike Brown is hurt, Vasher is hurt, Hester has forgotten how to return kicks.  Next week will be a huge game though…Grossman’s first full game back, going up against the undefeated Titans.  Should be fun! (or very depressing)
  • [Fantasy] 1.32 Points.  That’s all I needed.  If I knee McGahee wasn’t playing I would have played Pittman, which would have done it.  Or if Leftwhich would have thrown a 15 yard pass to Washington at any time during the 4th quarter, I would have won.  But no…this is depressing…
  • [Vote] you’ve got a few hours to learn about the candidates to figure out who you agree with the most.  Then for those who didn’t vote early, go out and vote tomorrow. And then we’ll see what the next 4 years look like…
  • [Should I go?] Downtown Chicago is going to be buzzin’ and crowded like none other.  Should I schlep my gear and try to see how close I can get to Grant Park during Obama’s party, or save myself the time, worry, and pain and just watch the polls with some friends?

[11.03.08] Monday Night Recap

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