I love Twitter…

[3 min read]

I consider myself to be a rather early adopter on things, especially with technology (at least being knowledgeable).  About a year ago I signed up on Twitter, and it wasn’t too exciting for me at the time because of the lack of use by others – you definitely need a community to make it worthwhile.  But since the iPhone hit many of my friends, twitter became so easy to update and more and more are starting jumping on board.  Also, so many photogs are on twitter that it’s a great way to stay connected in the industry since I can’t make it to every social or networking event and such.

My fiance (and others) are not huge fans of it, and I keep trying to convince them of the relational benefits that I’m reaping.  I’ve been a terrible phone person with keeping up with people in the past, but through twitter I’ve reconnected with some people and know a lot more of whats going on in their lives than ever before (and vice versa)!  Now when we see each other in person, we bypass a lot of the formalities and can get deeper into conversations.  And more so than just random knowledge of what people are eating for lunch, I’ve gotten a lot of personal benefits from it.  Let me share a few:

(1)  I was leaving work one day, and wanted something refreshing to drink…so I twittered that.  I got a response from a friend who works at Starbucks who recommended an Iced Venti Passion Tea Lemonade…and hooked me up since she was going there to study anyways!

(2)  In an effort to expand my fashion knowledge and such, I made a request to see if anyone had magazines laying around that were not in use (I was going to get a subscription, but figured I start with this first).  Within an hour I had 3 people offer, and have already received a handful of mags.

(3)  In need of a GPS, I posted for recommendations.  I got a slew of responses with what people are using, what price points they are at, and things like that, which helped  me make a decision on what I just purchased (and am pleased with my Garmin Nuvi 750).

Some bonus perks are I’m able to have my facebook status update with my twitter status, which frees up my time from having to be “as connected” to facebook…because I do twitter quite a bit though, you facebook friends probably see my status update a lot.  Sorry!

All this just to say…I love Twitter.  It helps me stay connected, get quick answers, and keeps me entertained throughout the day. Do you guys use twitter?  What’s your favorite part about it?  And for those of you who don’t, why not?

Oh right…it’s rude of me to have a post without a picture…so…ummmm…here’s what my desktop looks like right now (I’ll be getting this shoot up soon…):