• [Presidential Election] Unless you were stuck under a rock for a week, you probably heard that Illinois senator Barack Obama won the recent presidential election in a landslide (based on the electoral college system).  At the last election, I remember staying up until 5am following the polls because it was just so tight!  This one was decided by around 9pm.  It’s really only just the beginning – Bush is still in office for a little bit longer, and then we’ve got 4 years.  Don’t expect everything to be spun around overnight, but here’s to hope and change!
  • [The Office] It’s finally getting back on track!  The first few episodes were funny, but not to the same extent as previous seasons, but its starting to pick up again.  Loved the halloween episode.  I love looking forward to Thursdays…
  • [Black Friday] It’s coming.  Are you guys ready?  Care to share your plans?  Last year I was up around 4am to wait outside Best Buy, and I think we’ll be starting around the same time again this year.  What are you guys looking to pick up this year?  Let me know if you know of any amazing deals too!
  • [Bears] I almost get an ulcer every game.  Going in I wasn’t really expecting a win.  But then they tease me by playing just good enough to give me hope, but just bad enough to lose the game.  It’s surprising that we’re still #1 in the NFC North…I’ll take what I can get.
  • [Fantasy] This was quite possibly my worst managed week of the year, and probably knocked me out of playoff contention (I’m clinging to a thread over these next 3 weeks).  I left 50 points on my bench between two running backs and a wide receiver (the running backs I started barely got me 5 points total).  BLASTED!
  • [Nieces] You probably remember Izzy from the family session I did a short while ago.  While her mother and my sister took a weekend escape of sorts and left the fathers to babysit, so I went over to hang out on Saturday.  I got there just in time for their dinner…pizza and green beans.  They had a contest to see who would eat the green beans the fastest too!  I love how kids can make a competition out of anything.  I wonder when we grow out of that.  Enjoy the pics…

  • [Coming to an end?] As we close off the year, I’m pretty impressed with myself, as I have been keeping the MNR going for over a year now (That’s a lot of Mondays!).  I’m thinking it’ll be coming to an end soon though.  The good thing, though, is it’ll hopefully get me blogging more regularly as I’ll spread out the topics throughout the week (hopefully).  Also, I got some interesting stuff that I’m *hoping* to get up and running soon too, that will most likely keep you all entertained.  (Again, if there’s anything you’d like to see/hear about, feel free to leave it in the comments)

[11.10.08] Monday Night Recap

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