• [Photo Challenge] Just a reminder there’s about a week or so left in this month’s challenge… (which means I need to start figuring out the next one…oh geez…)
  • [Dancing] Much of this past week was filled with dance practices for my friends’ wedding on Saturday.  I might of stated this before on this blog, but I dabbled in many arenas of the creative arts trying to find what I could excel at – dancing wasn’t one of them.  I ‘retired’ at the end of last year because it was too time consuming and my body couldn’t handle it anymore (I’m old), but made a comeback for this one wedding this year.  I think I’m retired again.  Anyways, there are a few different versions (of varying quality) floating around but here’s one for your entertainment (the guys are in the last two sections: “Board Meeting” and “PYT”)
  • [Sunil and Theresa] All that was for the wedding of my friends’ Sunil and Theresa, who got married this past Saturday.  My friend Kenny Nakai was their photographer (along with David Lai), so I left my gear at home since I had plenty of other responsibilities to fulfill.  All in all, it was a fun time – definitely will be anxiously awaiting Kenny’s pics.  The video above is just a glimpse of all the went on – I feel like our community has turned wedding receptions into a local “America’s Best Dance Crew” crossed with “Star Search”! I believe in total this one had a drum off by the bride and groom, a slideshow, 3 choreographed dance routines [the set above only counts as 1], 5 speeches, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • [Bears] Bittersweet?  Scoring 48 points is nice, but giving up 41 is not.  Definitely not what were used to seeing with the Bears D…we were looking like the Broncos!  But a win is a win is a win, and I’ll take it.
  • [Fantasy] It happened again – If I’m going to win, it’s because all my players perform.  I just need some consistency!  But I can’t complain, I jumped out of last place finally and am starting my push into a playoff run as we go through the second half of the season.

[10.20.08] Monday Night Recap

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