• [Bulls] On Thursday night, I caught the Bulls first preseason game.  I was thoroughly amazed at how little I knew about who was on the squad.  To my surprise, Roger Powell was picked up for the preseason squad!  Powell went to U of I and was a part of the amazing run in ’05.  Time to reminisce the greatest comeback in NCAA tournament history (I’m a little biased, maybe):

    If he earns a spot, I’ll have a reason to really follow the Bulls more.

  • [Julie and Mark] On Saturday morning I was out for an e-session with Julie and Mark, and blessed with some beautiful weather! Here’s a little teaser:
  • Julie and Mark's E-Session in Chicago, IL
    Julie and Mark's E-Session in Chicago, IL

  • [Bears] Wow…we should be 6-0.  Granted, as I watched the first 57 minutes of the game, I didn’t expect us to win.  But Orton pretty much ran the 2-minute offense to perfection driving down the field for the score to put us up by 1 with 11 seconds left.  Who would have that a squib kick leaving 6 seconds, and a pass down the sidelines leaving 1 second on the clock would be enough to get the Falcons in FG range.  Blasted Jason Elam.
  • [Cowboys] Anyone watch the game?  Now that was even more kicker madness.  To end regulation, Folk has an opportunity to tie the game for OT, but gets his kick blocked.  BUT, the Arizona coach called a time just before it, so he got another chance – and hit it to force OT.  Then after a poor offensive drive, the Cowboys are forced to punt near their own endzone…AND THAT GETS BLOCKED AND RETURNED FOR A WINNING TD!  My goodness, football was crazy yesterday.
  • [Chicago Sports] It’s been a painful year.  First the Cubbies throw out an amazing season.  Now every Sunday the Bears are toying with my emotions.  I’m not too excited about the NBA season – I’m seriously going to be having some heart issues or emotional trauma.
  • [Fantasy] It happened again – my RBs do not perform (combined they give me just over 5 points).  And the week where it actually makes a difference if my kicker puts up 10+ points, he puts up 5.  Now I need the Giants D to put up 25 for me tonight…or I go to 1-5 for the season.  It’s slightly embarrassing that I post about this.  Oh, and insult to injury?  My stud QB Romo is expected to be out for 4 weeks with a broken pinkie.  Wow.
  • [Made of Honor] So my fiance was in town this weekend, so we were able to hang out in between the busy-ness of both of our schedules on Saturday night.  She normally picks the movies we rent (we alternate if its in the theater), and this time she picked “Made of Honor“.  Normally I can handle romantic comedies of sort, but can someone please create a new storyline?  It was semi-entertaining the first few times…but come on.  Where is the creativity people?
  • [What are you looking for?] I know I post many random things especially on Mondays, but if there’s anything you guys have a question about, feel free to ask!  No guarantees I can answer everything, but I’d still be willing to give it a shot if you’re interested.  So if you do have a question, feel free to post it in the comments below, or just shoot an e-mail to info(at)natemathai(dot)com.