Rock the Vote?

[2 min read]

I don’t try to use this arena as a political platform, nor do I consider myself extremely knowledgeable to do so. But I have a couple questions. First, here are two videos that have been floating around quite a bit recently.

This first one is a call to vote…very creatively made. I’m a sucker for creativity…

And here is a news report by John Stossel for 20/20 regarding the massive call to vote, and the knowledge of many of the people who are signing up. Hmmm…there isn’t a way to embed the video, so check it out on the ABC News site, then come back to give your opinion.

What’s your take? Do you think it is our civic duty for every person to vote, or for those who don’t know enough not to vote? Should voting be done by those that are knowledgeable? What’s the greatest benefit – having everyone vote regardless of what they know about the country/candidates/issues, or having a ‘select’ group vote who are well-versed to make an informed decision?

[I think ultimately the best option is for those not well-versed to become well-versed and vote…but will that really happen?]

Let me know your take in the comments section below…looking to hear your guys’ stance on this! (Again, this isn’t about specifically who you are voting for or whatnot, but just the situation of who should actually vote)