• [Photo Challenge] I know I posted it late, but the month’s almost up for July’s challenge! Get on it and send them in!
  • [Turning 24] This past Thursday I celebrated my 24th birthday…man am I old! I started with work from 9-5 (I know…I should have taken the day off, but I need to save my vacation days). Afterward, I came home for dinner with my family and girlfriend, and then the two of us went to watch a movie in the park. A rather relaxing night.
    Last year, I made a point to respond to each person who wished me a happy birthday, but this year there were way too many sources! Text messages, phone calls, e-mails, facebook, twitter, IM…I just couldn’t do it! I’m thankful to all of you who did send messages though…if it makes you feel any better I did read them all!
    Oh, when you get this old, you rarely receive physical gifts, really…but my girlfriend came through yet again (isn’t she the greatest!):

  • [Indo-Pak] I remember going to helping out with the Indo-Pak tournaments in the early 90’s since my cousin ran them, and this year I went back as a photographer. I’ll have a write-up once I process the images, but here’s what you get for now:

  • [Girl Seeing] That’s a very loose translation of what Saturday held for me. It’s an Indian tradition for the groom (to be)’s family (elders) to go to the house of the bride (to be) and see the girl…and so on Saturday my family went to visit my girlfriend. About 15 from my side of the family drove over there, sat around and stared at each other, ate dinner, and returned. In the end, I think everything worked out because nobody is going to call off the wedding :)
  • [Summer League] My season is over. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take any pictures this past week either! I was shooting Indo-Pak earlier in the evening, and made it to Summer League just in time for the last 3 games of the night, 2 of which I was playing in (we need more photographers!). The good news is we finally won! We had inter-league games, and we pulled out the first win in OT, and the second one we pulled away at the end. Even with those two wins, though, we weren’t able to get into the playoffs because of the point differential. Ah well, we played the spoiler determining the fate of a couple of teams in the West. Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE there next week for the playoffs and All-Star game!
  • [Wedding Planning] Man is it busy! My sister’s wedding is this coming Saturday so it’s a last minute crunch on seating charts and details and such. The good news is I’ll have a lot of things taken care of and organized for my wedding next year! Yay for silver linings!