Happy Birthday!

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24. Wow, I’m old. God is good, still. It was a rather crazy 23 with many ups, downs and changes in life, but all with a purpose (much of which I’m still looking to figure out). All things considered, I’m thankful.

I realize you people come here for the images and not for the words (it’s OK, I’m still going to write stuff :)), so here you go. In the past year there’s been a handful of images from my younger days posted on Facebook, so I figured I might as well post one from ‘way back’. Enjoy! (I was rockin’ the orange way back then too!)

Happy 17th Everyone! Celebrate it well!

Like last year, I was planning on responding to everyone who wished me a happy birthday…but this year I was receiving it from too many sources! I had around 100 on Facebook, a couple e-mails, some texts, a few phone calls, some twitter ones, gChats and a blog comment (plus the obvious face-to-face). SO…consider this message to everyone who contacted me through those sources: THANKS!