• [Photo Challenge] April’s is posted…got anything yet? Have FUN with it!
  • [Busy] Yep, another busy week ahead. Wedding planning tonight (I know…a year and a half away…madness), physical fitness test tomorrow (so someone will officially tell me I’m overweight), family time on Wednesday, birthday party on Thursday, wedding Saturday…hmmm…I think I have a break on Friday? That’ll fill up, I’m sure.
  • [Diversity Day] Have you guys seen the ‘Diversity Day‘ episode in Season 1 of The Office? HILARIOUS! I bring it up because I just had a diversity training meeting thing last week at work, and I couldn’t help but smile. It was more like the guest speaker than the way Michael ran it, but entertaining nonetheless. I did get this nice book of different actions/words that can trigger the buttons of others…I’m thinking of trying a few out soon :) I wish I could go through all of them, but here’s one of my favorites…has this happened to you?

  • [Cubbies] 12-3 tonight. I love it…we’ve won 4 straight at home…how can you NOT love it?
  • [Kids] On Saturday I went over to my girlfriend’s place to visit since she’s finally back from U of I for the summer, and there were a handful of children under the age of 3 there which was entertaining. (the one in the Old Navy sweatshirt is not under 3, just so you know…)

  • [Goodnight] I wish I had more to post for you, but I’m tired. Got anything you want me to post about? Let me know!

[05.12.08] Monday Night Recap

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