• [Slam Dunk] He was robbed last year, and I called it again for this year- Dwight Howard is a beast! When the man requests to raise the rim to 12 feet, you know there’s no contest. Did you see his superman dunk? It makes me wonder what the exact definition of a dunk is…anyone know?
  • [AllStar] I missed the all star game, but even still, it is my favorite all star event of all the sports. Football players don’t really play because it’s the off-season and they fear getting hurt. Baseball isn’t as fast-paced during actual gameplay (though I still watch it). The NBA has both excitement, entertainment, and competition. What else could you ask for? (Hockey isn’t a sport, for those of you who were wondering…)
  • [Engagement] I was busy Saturday morning with an engagement shoot Saturday morning…it was a blast shooting for Jaime and Manoj. Did I tell you I love my job? Although they stated the hate photographs, they are both very photogenic…I’ll post more about them later on this week.
  • [AfterParty] It just so happened a couple friends of mine got engaged that morning as well, but I missed the ceremony do to the other engagement. I did make it out to their after party, and that was some fun times. It such a blessing to see two friends get together and chase God…I’m praying your ministry guys! I decided to take a few ‘ambient light’ [high ISO, low shutter, no flash] shots throughout the night (I was a bit tired after the morning), so here are a handful of the headshots and such:

  • [KnightRider] Did anyone see the premiere of the new Knight Rider? I missed it, but heard some bad reviews? Anyone got any comments?
  • [MyDadsBetter] I just got the tale end of “My Dads Better Than Your Dad,” a new show on NBC. Ummm…is this seriously the type of mentality that this next generation is being taught? I’m not a fan of the concept.
  • [Canvas] My girlfriend came home this weekend, and I gave her this as a gift:

I love canvases! I’m going to get some bigger ones once we get our own place. I knew those years of Trading Spaces in college would be of benefit…I have a much better eye for design.