• [UIUC] I posted yesterday about my festivities at U of I. It’s always so fun to go and visit, but my time feels so short (even though I take Friday off of work to visit!). No matter how much time I have, I still can’t find time to meet with everyone I’d like to. Sorry people- next time we’ll create a list with 1.5 hour slots…will that work? Keep in touch even if I don’t visit! E-mail, IM…whatever!
  • [TheKingdom] On night #1, we watched The Kingdom…I thought it was very well made. There’s something about these movies that get to me…keeps me interested. It always attempts to show the humanity of both sides. Opens up minds to perspective.
  • [CFC] It’s great going ‘home’. I post this every time, but whenever I go back there’s always a handful of people not just saying ‘welcome back’ but ‘welcome home.’ I spent 4 and a half years being raised/trained there, and while many have left (including myself), we still have a bond that transcends location. A bit of teaching that hit me:
    • at every single moment, we are seeking maximum pleasure
    • past events don’t determine our current choices, though they do influence them
    • Repentance is more “God Help Me” than “God Forgive Me”
  • [Disappointed] My girlfriend and I had an early Valentine’s celebration since she’s away at school. We were searching for things to do and stumbled upon an event called “Covered in Chocolate” held in Monticello, IL. There were many different events, and we got tickets to go to a live jazz show with a chocolate buffet. And let me tell you, we were a bit disappointed. The jazz band was nice (though I guess we’re not that cultured to love it), but the buffet was said. It seriously seemed like a small table with 3 different chocolate items that they just purchased from Meijer. We made the most of the night and had a blast, but we expected more…I’m just saying. Maybe it’ll get better over time.
  • [Allerton] The event was held at Allerton Park in Monticello. It was late at night when we were driving, and the place is not lit at all…no real street signs or lamp posts. We found our way by the occasional “Allerton Park -> ” signs. I’ve heard the grounds are amazing there, but the outdoor area is not lit at all to notice at night…so sad. We were inside one of the buildings for the jazz event, and it is a rather beautiful place. Anyone having a wedding in the Champaign area, I recommend booking the place (and book me too!), because you can get some great photos there. We did wander around a bit and took our share of photos in there, but my girlfriend’s bit shy, so I won’t post (all of) them.
  • [SelfPortraits] People have always asked what who we’re going to hire for our wedding. I always tell them that I’m going to do it…I mean, I’m going to have the best view right up front. I’ll also set up a few cameras on tripod with a wireless remote in my pocket for different angles. Everyone thinks I’m joking…I don’t know what to tell them. But here’s proof of what’s possible! This was one camera, no tripod, no flash, no nothing! It might take us like 8 hours to do an e-session having to set everything up, but it’s possible! What do you think?

*I’m getting into a habit of pulling over on the side of the road when I drive. The banner picture is from one of those stops on my drive back from Champaign. Here is the full picture…

[02.11.08] Monday Night Recap

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