Quick Post – UIUC

[3 min read]

I just got back from Urbana, and boy did I have a blast. It was a rather busy weekend with the regular church events, meeting up with current undergrads, birthday celebrations, as well as spending quality time with the girlfriend. All in all, I had a blast. I didn’t get an opportunity to pull out the camera too much because of the busy-ness and such, but I did take a few quick grabs on Saturday. Here’s a quick recap first:
– Got in Friday morning, met up with two of my ‘children’, then got lunch with 2 seniors.
– Picked up girlfriend from law school, went bowling (redeemed my poor 64 from earlier this week with a 158), then went to starbucks and hung out.
– Afterwards, caught dinner with her and two of her law school friends, followed by CFC large group. The night ended watching The Kingdom.
– Saturday morning, met with a few more ‘children’, where my ‘kid’ and the ‘neighbor’s kid’ made me a pancake breakfast (they love their alumn!) and chilled/caught up.
– Lunch was at Ruby Tuesday’s for my ‘youngest daughter’s’ birthday with a crowd.
– Then I went and showered/changed, rested, went back to starbucks (it was a high coffee weekend for me), and had an early valentine’s day celebration at Allerton Park with the girlfriend.
– At Allerton was a [unexciting] Jazz Festival / Chocolate Buffet which had about 3 different chocolate snacks that could have been purchased from Meijer. But the place is beautiful and we had a blast wandering the grounds.
– Sunday morning was church, followed by the mandatory “Lunch at Za’s with the Alumn”…then a bit more chilling with the girlfriend before heading home.

Very brief, not much excitement in the text, but I truly had a blast! The play-by-play doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Maybe I’ll provide more details tomorrow with the MNR, but for now, here’s a few pics of the kids making me breakfast, and the birthday lunch:

***The reason for all the single quotes ( ‘…’ ) is because I don’t really have any biological or legal children, but there have been a handful that I’ve taken on as ‘my own’ due to the fact that they go to U of I (and I practically raised them :) ). Don’t get it twisted…just go with it…