• [CollegeDays] This past weekend, I went to sleep at around 4am and was up by around 7am…This used to be a daily occurrence in college. Now? I was passing out at 2 in the afternoon…man I’m old.
  • [Equinox] After a bit of a hiatus (again), I’ve started my workout regime again. Wish me luck!
  • [StateOfTheUnion] George Bush gave his State of the Union address today. As I watch, one sad thing is seeing the ovation and cheers by one side while the other stays seated. I know there are differences of opinions and varying stances by parties, but these are times where you dream of a unified nation…rebuke and challenges coming face-to-face, but speaking highly of the President to those in the public. ‘Holy Gossip’ as I was taught…
  • [MissionsPresentation] As promised yesterday, I uploaded the missions presentation online. It’s just a glimpse of the faces out at the NavJeevan Center. If you guys have any interest in helping out or making donations for them or just to learn more about it, let me know or visit the NavJeevan website.

Here’s the presentation…

[01.28.08] Monday Night Recap

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