I’m Touch-ed

[2 min read]

I was part of the handful of people who delayed getting an iPod because I couldn’t justify the cost. 6 years later, I started to attempt the justification, but still couldn’t bring myself to it. Then came the iPhone, and I definitely couldn’t justify switching over from T-Mobile (the cost of canceling the contract, the bandwith charges, and the cost of the new service/phone). So I continued to be years behind everyone else with these technological gadgets, yet at the same time know so much more about these toys than those who were ahead of me (it’s a sad situation to be in).
Then came the iPod Touch, and I chose to wait no more. I didn’t go crazy, as I only bought the 8GB, but that should do me just fine for now. The music/podcasts are my primary use for this, but once they start allowing us to add events to the calendar (supposedly a bug with the iTouch that should be updated probably when Leopard comes out), this will be a great PDA. In due time, I’ll be scheduling you into my plans using this! (And in a longer due time, it’ll probably be in my iPhone…).

…I wonder if I can write this off as a business expense…hmmmmm…