You might remember that a short while back I shot Alyssa’s baptism. And in that short span of time, my has she grown so much! It’s amazing to see how quickly children change and grow during those years. She was up and running around the whole place during her first birthday party.
Seeing as how it was scheduled at the same time of the Bears game, I obviously arrived late. I was able to see family again, as well as witness a rousing pinata match. I don’t remember getting a pinata for my first birthday…my how things change.

Luckily I wasn’t hired as a photog for this, as I obviously wasn’t available. I was able, however, to catch just enough shots of the celebration to whet my appetite.
I guess I’ll post a shot to whet yours as well. I’m starting to dive into some ‘fine art textures’…definitely not as a standard style for me, but it’s something that always has caught my attention. It’ll take some practice to make some quality prints like some of the others, but here’s one that I put together. What do you think?