Alan & Jane

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Another day, another couple getting married. Being a part of pretty large church with tons of people in the 20-something age group, recent years have shown quite a few marriages. This past summer there were a handful of weddings and engagements going through, and already I think there are 11 weddings scheduled for the 2008 summer (…if only I was hired for all of them =) ). I guess it’s fun to have friends getting married and moving on into that new stage of life.
It’s also interesting when you’ve grown up with both the would-be bride and the would-be groom (which is starting to happen more often as well). Two close friends are mine are going to be tying the knot next year, and have having an engagement ceremony in November. What makes it all better is they asked me to be the photographer at the engagement! It’s already a blast to have my two friends getting married, and they just increased my joy by asking me to document it for them. I’m so excited and happy for the two of them (…as well as the 500 others getting together within the next 2 years).
Here’s a picture of the couple I took recently…again, working with the novelty of textures (I think I’m going to go a bit out of control with textures…I learn something new and then go crazy…sorry):