This past Wednesday I had two different Christmas parties that I was invited to: (1) my weekly small group bible study was getting together for a ‘potluck and PS3’ party in Mundelein, and (2) my college friends were having a ‘order in and talk’ party in Des Plaines. The small group one started at 7, the college one at 7:30. Impossible? Maybe for your average person, bet definitely not for ME!

I picked up my one of my roommates who would do the party crawl with me, and got to Mundelein at around 7:20. Whoever says boys don’t know how to cook is lying. We had ribs, chicken (BW3s), gyros, brats, cookies, puppy chow, punch…we FEASTED! And whoever said that boys don’t know how to talk? For the time I was there, we watched the Detroit/Boston game, and finished it off with a rousing game of Bears/Packers in PS3. (For the record, I [Bears with Orton as QB] won.) Here’s a quick collage of the event. Don’t we look fun?

We left a little later than expected, and got to the college party a little before 10. The “feasting” was much different, as we just ordered pizza (I was already stuffed anyways). It was a great time of catching up with each others lives, relationship statuses, reminiscing on the past, and so forth and so. I kept the camera down a bit and just enjoyed the conversation. Doesn’t this interaction look a little bit different than the one type above?

Different types of food, different groups of people, different conversations…but all in all, a great night. And this is just the beginning. Tomorrow I got 2 more parties (one birthday, one Christmas), then another Christmas one with the family on Sunday, followed by an extended family Christmas on Tuesday, before heading out to Michigan for my church’s winter retreat. Trying to finish the year out strong…and already getting excited for 2008. I love my life!

Question: Do you like the collages better than the individual pictures?