• [Dolphins] They finally won a game! Although they started out 0-13, at least they won’t be placed in the record books of NFL history as the first winless team. Keep celebrating, guys…you deserve it!
  • [Fantasy] This week and next week, I’m in a battle for last…er…second to last place (I’m trying to win…right.). I finally have all my players playing up to potential. Being up 40+ points going into the final week makes me confident I won’t be in last. But anything is possible…right? Can’t start celebrating yet…
  • [RoseBowl] My girlfriend can be very cute. She told me that when she found out the Illini were going to the Rose Bowl, she was thinking of taking me there. I laughed…she asked why. I then went on to tell her that the game was New Year’s day, in Pasadena, California, and the cheapest tickets are around $250 each. She responds with ‘oh.’ It’s the thought that counts.
  • [HolidayCards] Keep the votes coming (either on facebook or the blog), as I’ll be sending them out this weekend.
  • [Clarity] I first got glasses my junior year of high school. My sophomore year of college, I went and got my eyes re-checked, and a new pair of glasses. I haven’t been too fond of how I look with glasses, plus didn’t feel they were that vital, so I don’t really wear them often. But then they broke on Thanksgiving, which forced me to go to the eye doctor again. This time I went all out: contacts and frames! My goodness is the world a whole lot clearer! I’m on my trial pair of contacts, and I love it. We’ll see how I feel about my new frames.
  • [MNF] Bears vs. Vikings, Kyle Orton vs. Tavaris Jackson…what?! I’m sure it looked like a great matchup at the end of last season. At least they let Orton throw and Hester play offense more. All we needed was him to not make a mistake- one bad throw at the end, and we’re officially out of the playoff race. Oh well, at least Urlacher looked like a beast again.
  • [GPS] At first I thought if I could just get GPS on my iPod Touch, I’d be set. Now, I’m not too sure.
  • [ChristmasEve] Due to the holidays, I can’t guarantee an MNR for next Monday…but we’ll see…keep an eye out through the remainder of this week though…got like 5 holiday parties.

[12.17.07] Monday Night Recap

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