"After" & After…

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I normally don’t post the process of my image corrections and things of that nature, but I decided I would post this one just to give an idea of the type of retouching that’s available. Now, this isn’t “Before & After”, as the retouch happened on a partially processed image already. This was taken from an earlier e-session with Jane & Alan.
Originally, I performed some basic adjustments and color correction to the photo, as I do with all images. Then, I performed my secondary processing, what I like to call my “creative” or “artistic” processing. I don’t do this with every image, and it varies from shoot to shoot. Some people go crazy with these things, and although I do enjoy them, I only try to make these types of adjustments when I feel it will truly add to the image. At this stage, this is what the general final print would look like:

I really liked this picture, but there were a couple of things which jump out that could be improved. If I could go back in time, I would have moved the yellow cones out of the way, as well as asked the drivers in the cars to move (where were the drivers?…who knows…but I still wished they moved). Instead of just giving up on the image, though, it proves to be a great example what a little extra time and effort can get you. After a bit of editing, I was able to get this:

Many people who just saw the first one image might be pleased…but doesn’t it feel better knowing what’s possible with the second?

My goodness it’s late…good night everyone!