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It’s been a few years since I last played in this tournament. And the last time Team6 played, we were a joke. Never practiced, no jerseys, no plays…pure street. We would show up and just cause a ruckus. Sadly, we never scored a point either.
But this year, we decided to take it more seriously. We practiced, bought jerseys, ran plays…but a similar outcome. Although we didn’t advance, it was a good time playing with the guys, and just seeing some old faces again. We’re slowly gaining “respect” as a competitive team, so I guess we’re making progress.
One thing I realized, though, is it’s very difficult to photograph events when you are taking part in it. For that matter, I have have no pics from the Bonzai v. Team6 game, the Team6 v. Prairie Fire matchup, or the OPD v. Just2Tough rivalry. Oh, and I missed the finals as well, because of tiredness (obviously if it were a paid job, I’d stay the whole time). But here are some pics from the first round of the playoffs…

[oh…and I heard the Bonzai Bandits defeated OPD in the finals…so congrats to them for their continued dominance in the tournament]