On Saturday evening, my extended family got together for a pretty big reason. My godmother (my father’s aunt), and one of the sole reasons why all of us are in America, turned 75 years old! This lady has been such a foundation of prayer and solid living in our family. She is one of the most selfless people you have ever met, and there are countless people (both inside our family and outside) who can attest to this. It was an emotional time for many as people stood to share of how she’s touched their lives and wish her a happy birthday. With both sets of my grandparents being in India my whole life, she was who I knew as my grandmother (and the grandmother of our family). It’s a blessing to recognize the life she has lived and the passion she still has. Here’s few looks at the celebration…

After that I high-tailed it to my girlfriend’s house to have a little “siblings” Christmas party (centered around the relations of her sister and brother-in-law). The fun thing about it is I pretty much grew up with these guys my whole life! It’s amazing how God had placed us all in the same church or community growing up, and now have used the bonds of marriage to bring us even closer. God is good! Our celebration had the obligatory food, fun, and fellowship: pre-made snacks as well as ordered food, great conversation and reflection on the past year, an entertaining game of white elephant, and a rousing competition of Catchphrase (…everyone might seem like a good calm Christian, but boy are we competitive)! All in all…good times. 4 parties in from last Wednesday-Saturday. Here’s a quick look:

Since I have time to post today, I’ll get the real MNR out as well. Keep an eye out…

75 Years | (Her) Siblings Christmas

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