It’s that time again: the weekend update.

  • [Bears] I mean, seriously? I’m speechless. I’m waiting for the chants to start coming to pull Griese and put in Orten. Let it be know, since the pre-season I’ve been wanting Ryan Leak. (Bears fan knew Griese was not better than Grossman. But, instead of waiting for something better, we simple ask for something different. Quite an analogy of a man’s heart…)
  • [World Series] In case you didn’t know, it’s over. Congrats Boston. I don’t think anyone cared.
  • [Dating Seminar] If you leave yourself open to be taught, you will learn. I went to the seminar with a willingness to listen, and learned so much about counseling and psychology…I’m glad I went.
  • [TEDTalks] In an effort to increase my knowledge, I’ve been watching the TEDTalks podcasts, where some of the greatest thinkers in the world come together to share ideas and new innovations relating to technology, entertainment, and design. Amazing stuff, I just sit in awe with the knowledge in the world around us.
  • [Project 1hundred] In order to keep my creative eye open, I’m going to be giving myself some projects to work on. The idea will be take 100 pictures of the same type of object (but all different objects, and probably different types of processing). And because of the season, the first project will be “1hundred trees“. (Yes, I changed it…I’ve been seeing a lot more amazing looking trees than leaves) We’ll see how this plays out.
I didn’t pull the camera out too much this week, but I’m realizing more and more how beautiful fall is. It’s just so colorful (and I’m just talking about the sky). Now, for your viewing pleasure: