I just wanted to get an announcement out for the 2007 Winter Regional Conference. I’ve had gone to this conference since I was 13, then stopped while I was at U of I, and am starting up again for my second straight year. We’re really excited because we’ve got 3 amazing speakers coming this year- Pastor Peter Kim from Cityview Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Pastor Dwight Yoo from Renewal Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and Reverend Ninu Chandy, who is the Youth Chaplain of the Mar Thoma Church from the Dallas area.
The conference is in Hillsdale, MI from December 27-30th, and is an amazing time to retreat and get re-connected and re-focused before starting out the new year. I encourage you guys to really consider it if you aren’t set for any other conference this winter time. For more information and to download the registration form, go to the regionals website.