Nationally Recognized

[2 min read]


So I’ve been working with Google Analytics to see how it works for web stats and such, and one of the reports that has been really interesting to me is the map. Basically it looks at the geographical location of where people are viewing your site from, and totals it up. I just started trying it out a little over a week ago, and I noticed I’m pretty much recognized from coast to coast! Obviously, Illinois has provided the most views, but it seems I’ve got people checking me out from Nevada, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia and Minnesota too! It’d be so fun to have this entire map green, so if you got friends in other states, send them over.
I’m still wondering how realistic this is, as it also showed that I had 2 people view it from Canada, and 1 from Jamaica (if you’re the one from Jamaica, holler at me so I know!). But yeah, still some fun stuff to see. I’m nowhere near using this thing to it’s full ability, but I love things like this.