Unity in the Body

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(what?…a post?…i know, its been awhile…)
this post in reference to an incident a few weeks back

The Quad is a busy place, where thousands of students cross through everyday between classes and such. That only makes it fitting to be a place for people to go to get information out to the masses. It’s tough to walk down the Quad and not be attacked with flyers for animal cruelty or an upcoming show at highdive, or to hear the cans shaking asking for money to help in breast cancer research. Sometimes you listen, and sometimes it just becomes overwhelming that you just tune it out and walk right past.
Various times in the year, there are some people who come on campus claiming to be Christians, and basically shout and argue with students and condemning everyone to hell. The speak many verses about how God hates liars, sinners, homosexuals, Muslims, etc., and use that as the foundation to yell at everyone else. This stirs up a lot of controversy on campus…it draws quite a large crowd at times, and turns into a shouting argument between students and these people. Normally, I am so annoyed with this type of stuff that I just walk right past. I complain in my head how these people are detracting from the true message of the gospel, and although the verses they might speak are truth, they themselves do not speak in truth and love, and therefore are turning people away from Christ more so than drawing them to Him.
A few weeks ago, however, I was walking out of class and noticed them again. As always, I was ready to walk right past, bitter about the whole situation, and head home, but my attention was caught because a few Indian Christian Fellowship members were standing there as well. So I decided to go and at least say hi to them. When I went there, it was pretty much the way it always is, with people yelling back and forth, and nothing really being a blessing. But there were a few believers there who wanted to speak truth, which really caught my attention. I heard one person call her friend to find a bible reference where it says do not judge or you to will be judged. Another guy brought up a passage in Ephesians speaking of who we are to speak to build each other up and not put people down and disrespect them. Still another guy was speaking of how he was a sinner saved by the grace of God, and God came for the sinners (…this man also claimed that he didn’t sin).
Just hearing these guys was very encouraging, because they didn’t fall into the trap of simply yelling back and forth, but spoke clearly and simply, and even respected the man and let him speak
instead of talking over him. But regardless of what these people would say, it made no impact on this person, yet it did catch the attention of the others standing around. There were people who were Muslim, Jewish, and atheist all standing around, and hearing these brothers and sisters speak of truth and the love of God. It so great to see that light shine there.
What was even greater, however, was that these people realized when enough was enough. Recognizing that this man was simply going to keep yelling to draw more attention, they spoke up and called everyone who was there to form a separate circle just off to the side of this man, so he wouldn’t have a crowd to speak to. So majority of the crowd joined us, and there we spoke of the truth of the gospel – the reason we believe in Christ, the downfall in this man’s message, and separating this man’s character from the character of Christ. It sparked a bit of discussion to understand Christianity a bit more from those who were there. And at the end, we circled and prayed for the man and his family – now that’s love. It would be so easy for us to leave the area and give everyone the impression to leave him as an outcast. But God called us to love everyone, and to pray as long as they have an opportunity to receive Christ.
Regardless of denomination, as many of us came from different campus fellowships, we all came together at that moment to strengthen one another and enoucrage each other to speak truth. This is the true body of Christ. None of us held a banner for our specific ministry…we were simply desiring to preach the name of Jesus. This was just a glimpse of what will happen when we’re in heaven; every nation, tribe, tongue, and creed, all coming together and giving praise to the God and Father of all. What a day that will be. Hallelujah, Amen.