Weight Lifting

[3 min read]

For most of my life, I never really worked out since I basically had the body of a greek God (no need for all that laughter). But as I’ve started to grow older, I realized the greater need I have. I need to prepare my body to be able to do any sorts of physical activity now. The definition I once had by simply keeping active now requires actual work.
The sad thing is that I don’t like to lift weights. Although I’ve been a lot better this summer than any other time in my past (other than when I was playing volleyball in high school), I’ve been so inconsistent. And a lot of times when I’m at the gym, it can become out of bitterness more so than the desire to be stronger. I always question why people would put themselves through that. You basically force yourselves to lift heavy weights that your body naturally isn’t prepared to lift, and so it strains every ounce of your body. You force your muscles to tear apart because its too much work, but then it grows stronger. And then because the weight gets easier, you increase it and go through the same struggle again. This endless cycle continues, because you’ll never reach a point where you can lift everything. And even if you are content with your strength, you have to consistently lift to keep the same definition and strength. It takes a lot more work to strengthen your body than for it to become weak. And I’m so lazy that I don’t feel like putting in the work. It’s too much of a strain…give me something easier.
I realize that’s how we are when it deals with our spiritual strength as well. The concept is pretty much the same – we are made to lift these heavy burdens, but through lifting them we become stronger…and it basically prepares us to be more capable in lifting heavier burdens. Even to stay at the same strength, we need to be consistent in the ‘weight’ that we carry on a regular basis. If we stray from our spiritual disciplines (reading the Word, praying, fellowship with believers), we won’t be as strong to stand firm against burdens that we once that we could carry.
We are so much more ready to work out physically and stay true to a schedule and be disciplined in that aspect, because our physical appearance is so much more noticeable to ourselves and to others. But do you recognize how you look spiritually? Don’t get weak. Continue working out, strengthen your arms and legs. Only then will you be strong enough to stand.

Oh…and a spotter is extremely beneficial in lifting weights…they push you, challenge you, and help you when the burden is too great. (SEEK ACCOUNTABILITY)