(This is turning into a ‘once-a-month’ post…hope nobody really cares)

This was the first time I spent the summer in Champaign, and my first 4th of July. It still amazes me how all over the US, in every state, and almost every city, there’s a time when people go out and stare at the sky to watch colorful explosions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. There are some fancy types, some big booms, and some nice music to go in the background. But is that all it is?
Everyone knows that the 4th of July is to celebrate our Independence. Because we gained freedom, all the people wanted to celebrate, and chose to set off large explosions in the sky to signify that we are free. (That might not be the only thing done, but its one of the most common tradition). Thousands of people now go out and stare at the sky and watch the firecrackers explode in the night’s sky. And everyone one them is thinking, ‘Man, it’s so good to be free. We were once captives and chained and in bondage, but because of that time in 1776, we have this freedom which is so liberating.’
Please. Who are we kidding? For one day a year (sometimes 2-3 depending on how crazy we feel like getting), we go out and watch these sparks fly through the sky, and mentally know the reason, but don’t take the time to reflect on it. And when it’s over with, we go to sleep, and forget all about it until the next year.
I feel like Easter Sunday has become the Independence day for Christians. Once a year we take this time to celebrate our freedom. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and rose again from the dead so that we could be saved. He liberated us. We were in chains and bondages in our sin, but because of Christ, we are able to overcome. And so Easter has now become our time to remember that. And remember the gospel story of how Christ came down to this world as a bunny and planted colorful eggs around for his disciples to find (sarcasm…I feel like so many holidays have become so commercialized that the meaning has completely been lost…its sad). So many people go through the motions, go to church, and do the acts of Easter. But how many actually think, ‘Man, it’s so good to be free. We were once captives and chained and in bondage, but because of that time in 33AD, we have this freedom which is so liberating”? Percentage wise, I think it’s a small amount. Similar to Independence day…I don’t doubt that there are people (war veterans, government officials, immigrants) who truly embrace freedom and recognize the importance of the day. But in the large scale, there are so many blindly going through the motions without realizing the true picture.
The amazing thing is, that in celebration of freedom, there’s a colorful explosion going on all the time in heaven. Everytime someone accepts Christ’s call to freedom, the fireworks go off and a party goes on up there. Do you realize how much praising went on when you accepted Christ? And every year when that day comes again, they are still celebrating, even when you’ve forgotten.
It’s so easy to celebrate traditions. This world has called us to live life without reflection. It’s such an empty life to live. Take the time and think about the importance of everything you do. Reflect on truth. Reflect on freedom. True freedom. Don’t let any moment go to waste, where you are simply walking blindly. Because in the end, it’ll be completely forgotten, and pretty meaningless in the big picture. And who wants that as a mark in their life?