God Uses Facebook?

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[my thoughts might be a bit scattered as its been awhile, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it]

It seems like at least 2-3 times a week, there’s another article in the paper about the companies, employers, and police using social forums such as facebook and myspace to gain information about people. There had been a huge outcry among many students that it’s an invasion of privacy. Many other claim that its not fair – it doesn’t give a true representation of a person, and they shouldn’t be judged by the things they say online, or the pictures they are in, or the “groups” they are a part of. But many employers use it, knowing that it provides more insight into a potential employee that they cannot see on a resume, and hear about in an interview. People always attempt to let their lives shine under the best light during those moments, and also don’t feel it beneficial to share about their personal lives. But the people in charge desire to see a person’s character as a whole, not just when they feel the eyes of authority over them.
So many Christians live their lives the same way. Before God, they dress properly, say the right words, and do the right things. In certain settings they come off as being the perfect person. But then they turn and live out a completely different lifestyle, which they might feel as if God has no access to it. They’ll read Galatians 5 during the day, and at night go out and get drunk with their friends. Every has their issues and not everyone is perfect, obviously. But sometimes, it just seems like there is just deliberate disobedience because people don’t recognize the truth of judgment.
The question I ask is, ‘what if God checked your facebook?’ I mean, praise God that He doesn’t, right? In all serious, if you were simply judged by the photos of you posted, or the groups that you’re affiliated with, or the comments you leave for people, who He be proud to call you His own? I speak not as someone who has the power to judge or the knowledge of anything, really. But I do speak as one who occasionally gets burdened and ‘stumbled’ in the things that I see. Being human, so much doubt runs through my mind of people’s foundation. I wonder what their real priorities are, what they truly value, who they ultimately are living for. And I wonder if some people are, for lack of a better word, hypocrites. I always try to view people under the best light, but sometimes it tough when all the signs point elsewhere. And I wonder, if this makes such an effect on my life, what message is it sending to others? What view of “Christianity” do they see?
If we desire for the name of Christ to be lifted high above the rest, and if our aim is that God receives maximum glory by having more and more people seeing the true light of Christ through His followers, then we need to live lives with wisdom and discernment. We need to be set apart. I can’t change the world to live perfect lives…I can barely change my own life to strive to daily be on that road to perfection. But I do have one request: If you feel a need to participate in things contrary to the Word of God, please do not allow there to be any connection to the name of Christ. For His Sake.
But hey, at least God doesn’t read AIM away messages, right? Then we’d all be pretty much screwed.

SIDE COMMENTARY: What’s with people and the things they write in away messages. I mean, seriously? People swear up a storm, or write some unblessing things, or post some disgusting lyrics, and then if you scroll down a little bit more they have a bible verse or reference. I mean, seriously? Am I the only one that sees that as just plain stupid? The two cannot coincide. Either preach the word or live for the world. I’m just saying.