Generally to get published in a magazine or on a wedding blog (ie. The Knot, Chicago Bride, Style Me Pretty), the process goes like this: Take amazing images, submit it to the editors, wait on their approval, get published.
As I rely primarily on word of mouth referrals and don’t do much destination work, I always put submitting my work lower on the scale as while it helps bring credibility and recognition, I wasn’t seeking to derive much work from that so it wasn’t a priority. (Although I still would love to be published, I just need to get my act together and start submitting my work :)).

You could probably understand my surprise, then, when I was contacted by The International Indian to do a story for their magazine about me. The magazine is based out of the Gulf and covers all topics relating to Indian heritage and culture, in Asia and abroad. But the staff editor had found my work online and wanted to do a story about me! And this wasn’t some measly mention on the back corner, this is a full two-page spread! I’ve officially made it. ;)

chicago wedding photography images
chicago wedding photography images
chicago wedding photography images

[You can view the online magazine here, and my spread is pages 78-79.]

Seriously though, It’s an honor for me to be published anywhere (I get excited when people mention me on twitter and facebook ;)), and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love as well as have all of you who love what I do. Thanks all and Happy July!

PUBLISHED: The International Indian

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