Hey everyone, I seem to be off to a slow start with the blog in 2009, but don’t worry, I’ve ready for change!

This post is rather overdue, but I’ve been running into issues with my galleries, so I haven’t be able to load these images (the galleries still aren’t working correctly).  So, instead of still waiting, I’m just going to post the set of submissions for December’s challenge…


[Leena T]

So with that, the 2008 challenges are complete.  As you probably noticed, there hasn’t been one posted for 2009 yet, and it’ll probably be pushed off a bit as I’m thinking of spicing it up a bit.  When I get the details all hashed out I’ll let you all know.  Just wanted to say thanks to all those who participated last year- I hope it challenged you guys to see things diferent both with a lens in front of your face and without :)  It was definitely a pleasure to see a glimpse of the world through your eyes.