I haven’t been this bad about blogging since I first started over on blogger in early 2006. The past couple weeks have been crazy, though, as my Macbook Pro had to be sent in for repair twice because of a failed logic board. Couple that with the busy-ness of planning on my own wedding and shoots starting to pick up for the year means for a very hectic schedule. Even still…no excuse! I apologize and promise to be better.

Last weekend I had 4 shoots so I definitely have a bunch of images to get through now that I’ve got my machine back, but I figured I’d start with a teaser to get everyone back into the mode of checking out the blog and leaving some love! :)  And I’m sure everyone wants their own special teaser…but I like the suspense of it all and will only reveal one teaser at a time.  So here’s just one from Sunday that nobody should be able to get mad at.  It’s my neice’s first birthday party, and she got to have her first taste of cake!

First Birthday Party Smash Cake